Boogeyman (Reboot of 1980 Original Video Nasty)


Boogeyman (aka The Bogey Man) was a 1980 hit for Ulli Lommel and the film which would cement his Hollywood legacy. 

The surrealist imagery and otherworldly feel of the movie, combined with buckets of nudity and gore, made it a VHS classic. When it became embroiled in the Video Nasties debacle in the UK, it became infamous by association.

Dealing with age old fears and things that go bump in the night, The Boogeyman saga was resurrected click here in 2005 when Sam Raimi produced a new version of it (which also spawned a number of sequels). Now back in the hands of its original creator, Ulli Lommel, The Boogeyman is set to return to screens in the form of an episodic TV show.

The pilot has been pitched and Colin J McCracken has been writing the screenplays for a number of episodes, based on stories by Lommel.

The project is currently in pre-production.