Corporate Skull - With Jamie Smart


Corporate Skull: “Sometimes to succeed, you have to lose a little face.”

A depressed office worker loses his face in a horrific workplace accident. Now known as Skull, he’s lost all his inhibitions and stopped caring so much – which is bad timing if he’s going to save the world.

Based on the hugely popular comic book created by Jamie Smart, a British artist and writer whose work has been a staple of both cult comic fans and mainstream publications for almost two decades, Corporate Skull began life as a webcomic in the late ‘00s, before being syndicated by click here one of the UK’s most popular newspapers, The Guardian, for a run that concluded in early 2016. Now taking the form of a live action TV show, developed in partnership with series collaborator Colin J McCracken, Corporate Skull is set to become the most exciting thing to come out of a pharmaceuticals company since all those cancer cures they’ve been suppressing.

In 2016, Colin J McCracken and Jamie Smart began working together on a live action TV Show based on the comic book.

With 8 x 40 minute episodes of insanity ready to go, this project is currently in the pitching stage.