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Hustler Magazine has been a provocative and controversial publication for decades. In recent years, Colin J McCracken has been proud to become one of its most prolific longform writers. 

Undercover investigations and serial killers paved the way to sociopolitical analysis and political commentary as McCracken’s work for Hustler developed over the years.

In the past 12 months, he has examined the state of America’s prison systems. He’s also been trying to figure out if reality show culture has permeated our political system.

click here href="" target="_blank">Larry Flynt has been provoking the world for over 40 years. His controversial and individual approach to free speech has resulted in some of the finest writers passing through his offices.

McCracken was drawn to the publication by its focus on creating quality written content on areas of interest which are being neglected by many platforms. Whilst the magazine may not be for everyone, there is a universal appeal in the work which transcends the NSFW elements which exist.