RUN - With Mat Johns (2014)


RUN was a successful short film by UK-based creative Mat Johns. 

The story of a young person who has to flee their home while carrying a deadly secret, it played at a wide range of international film festivals and solidified Mat Johns’ name as a talented and capable filmmaker.

Over the course of Autumn / Winter 2014/2015, Johns and McCracken worked together, writing a feature-length version of Run.

The script partnership produced a click here tense, rural thriller which re-imagined many genre tropes in a hope to create something special and refreshing.

“What Colin and I were trying to achieve with the script was to make a psychological horror film where the villain isn’t a man in a mask, but someone with a smile who you invite into your home, someone who can be your best friend…” Mat Johns (Nov 2016)

The RUN project is still in development.