Ulli Lommel - Tenderness of the Wolves


Ulli Lommel – Tenderness of the Wolves is a collaborative biography of the German filmmaker, actor, producer, writer and artist Ulli Lommel.

It’s a biography with an unmatchable, star-studded cast, and one which reveals just what a stunning and unbelievable life Ulli Lommel has led.

From singing with Elvis Presley as a teenager, to becoming part of the New German Cinema movement with his partner in crime Rainer Werner Fassbinder (with whom he made over 20 movies), Lommel went to the USA to seek his fortune and the American Dream.

Along the click here way, he became part of The Factory, making several films with Andy Warhol. In addition to this, he shared an editing suite with the great Orson Welles, cut a horror film with William S Burroughs and got arrested with Truman Capote (in Tiffany’s no less).

Ulli Lommel – Tenderness of the Wolves is a hilarious, touching and wholly unique account of a life truly lived. Colin J McCracken spent several years working closely with Lommel on this project and it was an experience which he will never forget.