Zombiehamster was a movie blog which Colin J McCracken began in 2006 via social media networks and then as a standalone site from 2008 onward. 

A hub for B-Movie madness, horror movie mayhem and obscurities from around the world, it set the tone for much of McCracken’s writing that was to come and was where he learned a great deal about criticism, interviews and analysis.

McCracken contributed hundreds of articles and features over the years, many of which are still available on the site.

At its peak, Zombiehamster had up to 30 writers and an editorial team of 5 (all managed by McCracken). Now maintained by Dave Wain, the last independent video store owner in the UK, and Matthew Budrewicz, the site continues to build upon the foundations which click here were established in its formative years.

It’s an outsider in a field of outsiders, catering to niche, almost long-forgotten titles which deserve our love too.

Zombiehamster.com started as a meager review blog and slowly grew into something far greater and stronger. Now incorporating over a dozen incredibly talented writers, with representatives worldwide, Zombiehamster.com strives constantly to be the definitive online resource for quality genre cinema news.

With such a plethora of cinema sites out there, what sets us apart?

Simply put; passion, knowledge, drive and enthusiasm. We are committed to providing quality articles, insightful reviews and entertaining interviews as well as keeping our readers informed with industry news as it happens. A focus on both contemporary and classic will, hopefully, provide you with hours of distraction and pleasure.”