The First Page Is Always The Worst

In any diary, notebook or journal, it’s always that first blank page which is the most daunting. In its untarnished state it holds the potential to be absolutely anything. Then, with no more than a hasty scrawl, it’s ruined. Or at least it can seem that way.

Nothing ever starts off perfect. Anything worthwhile takes time to cultivate and develop.

It always takes me a few pages to get into the groove of a new notebook and I don’t believe that this venture will be any different. Ten years after I began writing online by means of a blog, it seems strange in many ways to be returning to it. The most peculiar thing is writing in the first person again. After so many years of creating content for sites and magazines in which this was a cardinal sin, it’s refreshing to be putting down words in this manner once more.

The nature of blogging has changed so much since I began, that it’s almost nerve-wracking to be establishing one again. Throughout the last few years I had settled into longform essays, lengthy retrospectives and interview features, click here and for several reasons I simply stopped writing personal updates. Publicly anyway; I always kept my own journals, but they were just for me. Good blogging exists in a weird half-state. Not quite private, but not quite designed for public use. I always find that the most interesting ones do delve into a person’s being in a very honest and open manner. Something I hope will come through here.

It was my desire to catalogue and assemble my work into one place which led me to construct a personal website in the first place. This way I would be able to showcase my portfolio and allow potential collaborators to get in touch.

The addition of a blog is an exciting one, as it will provide me with a platform upon which I can formulate and test out concepts and ideas which may not have had a home elsewhere. There’s also the added bonus that, as this is a relatively new entity, no-one is reading any of this yet and that works just fine for me.

I guess, as first pages go, this one isn’t so bad.